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BRISTILE VIC TSE Douglas Duvcevski

One of the best modules from the L M A course was planning my approach to the different prospects out in the market place. I also found ways in utalizing my time my efficently during the day and allocating non urgent tasks to my admin staff . I also gained knowledge from the handling of objections module and learned to probe and ask more questions when dealing with new and existing customers out in the market place.|One of my win win goals was going out for works with my family after dinner and have found that it has made a difference in my well being, by it being a good form of stress release. Another win win goal that I have gained benefit from. Is to go out with a site supervisor once a month, and this has helped me gain additional technical knowledge out in the field and made me more confident and positive when dealing with new and existing customers. I will recommend this course to all sales staff within the Brickworks group.

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