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I found the open group / classroom discussions and debates were one of the most enjoyable aspects of the course, being encouraged to engage in open discussion on topics and to give your feedback and experiences was great for confidence and learning. It also opens your eyes to realising others too are experiencing similar difficulties in their style or comfort with managing and often are trying to improve in similar areas. I also really enjoyed working in groups to discuss and resolve module case studies, it was great to experience others thought processes and work as a group to come to the best conclusion/resolution.||I was able to measure an area I aimed to improve in and this was delegation. I did this by offsetting regular tasks I do to other members in the team, providing training if needed. This alleviated my work load of low pay off activities which meant more time available for high pay off activities.||I accomplished my goal to create a more user friendly efficient way for staff to order uniforms across all departments nationally. This included the use of technology, delegation and help from other team members, where planning and regular follow up meetings took place. In turn this system has helped save paper wastage, time and created a more open and efficient process moving forward.

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