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Michael our Facilitator was fantastic!!! He was very encouraging and a great support. The Interaction with other participants was invaluable as they brought together a wealth of ideas and experience and the workshops was a great forum to learn from each other.|I have noticed a large shift in my confidence as a result of all that I have learnt through the course. I have a greater sense on selfworth and believe I am a valuable member of our team. This has been a very significant change and positively effected all areas of my professional and personal development.|I have made significant changes in my realisation and focus on HPA’s. In being conciously aware of my HPA’s and working on these I have notice a dramatic improvemant in my time utalisation which has lead to increased performance. I have been able to plan my time more effectively and therefor been able to spend more time seeing my clients and developing my key accounts.|I have greatly improved my listening skills and concentated on listening to what people mean, not just waht they say. Through conciously practising effective listening techniques with customers & collegues I have been able to deepen my relationships and also increased my credabilty.

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