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One of my long term goals, although not mentioned during this course was to develop myself into a Project Manager. By going a long way towards achieving my course goals I have, although not officially confirmed yet been promoted to a newly made role of Project Manager Steel, For The Christchurch region. This will take me off the tools and allow me to follow my passion for systems and innovation, which in turn should lead to a more safe and profitable work environment. I thought this might take 3 to 4 years and has been achieved in less than 18 months.|On a personal front I am still struggling. Although I have set goals and know I will achieve those goals it is going to take a little longer than anticipated. I need to learn that big goals are achieved with small steps and not get frustrated and loose focus because things take time.|I have enjoyed the course as it has shown me I am not alone when faced with issues. All course members I would suggest have benefited from the camaraderie and openness from other members.

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