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Being that I was so new to my role I enjoyed every aspect of this course. There was not one that I didn’t.|Every module and discussion made a difference to me and my team as well as my goals.|One important module which has really made a difference was Leading change and innovtion. This challenge was an exciting one. Watching and experienceing the changes come to life. I had a couple of members in my team who found it difficult to overcome and was resisting some changes I had implemented. I had to try and understand this, it wasn’t until I started using a different concept of the change and approach they started to change within themselves. It was all about understanding what need the change and why with my team. It wasn’t until I changed my approach they were much more supportive in the change.|The most enjoyable aspects about the course was learning to become a leader and not a manger. The challenges I had with this course really tested by abilities to become a leader & this I am so greatful for.This went beyond my own personal growth to achieving what I wanted and take away what I have learnt and to run iwth it.|Measureable results were also a big part of what I had learnt.I have used a few of the tools to measure performance & quality. My favourite one is the Feedback Log Form. This was used for all discussions and meetings I had with each team member. It has given me some fantastic results. Great source of information for me to fall back on for PPR’s etc. “Great Idea”|Many, goals were accomplished through my time of dong this course & some of those things involved implementing processes and procedures for continous imporvement for the business etc but I think my biggest achievement is completeting this course knowing the benefits I have gained to develop and grow with Capral but also the support I gained from especially Camille, Tim & my fellow mentors. I cannot thank you enough.

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