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Over the Journey from LMR to LMA and completion of both courses, I was still impressed today with the diversity of people from all areas or the workforce. The positive environment and pleasure it was to talk, endugle and immerse myself in the training group and peers.||Capral is KPI driven so identifying measurable targets is quite easy. DIFOT performance is up, this is crucial for customers. Inventory Reduction is occuring, with a large cashflow tied up in finished goods we were able to hit some PEP savings for the first half of the year whilst staying on budget.||Communication is Key – greatest training tool I learn’t during this course was Style Flexing Tool. How to engage different temperaments from different people. Constructive and positive communication will 9 times out of 10 generate a positive outcome.||It was great to see safety as a focus point during this course as a Manager/Employee and Peer this is a key area we should support and make sure all Team Members go home to there families.

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