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CITYWIDE VIC HPM William Sweeney

This question has taken me a while to answer now. I didn’t know quite how to put into a succinct package, all of the learnings and successes that have come from this course. |Finally today it clicked and i realised. |Just as this course has finished, i have finally ‘Made myself Redundant’ as the saying goes.I have now taken on a very different role within our department, and i have left a very capable successor in my old position.|At first i just thought of this as the next step and it ‘just was’. But when i really look back on how it came to be, i realised that it was all of the learnings of this course culminating in one final action! |It is actually quite amazing what has happened.|It started with looking at myself and who i am. How do i manage, teach, and learn? Then i looked at my staff and asked the same questions? Who are they, how are they motivated, and where are they going? We then looked at the business; the systems, the culture, the weaknesses and the strengths. We looked at change and how to manage change. We looked at training and development and the difference of the two. I delegated tasks, set goals, taught others how to set goals, looked at time utilisation, and what functions will drive us to where we want to be.|And finally we discussed the where to from here? How do we take the successes from this course and move into the next stage of development.|And so it is, that i followed this course to streamline processes, engage staff, set goals, and develop the people around me. And now as i look back on this past year i know that i am leaving Scott to launch from the platform i left, to do his thing and take the department to the next level. And as i look to the future, i know that i have an amazing team right there with me, and we have the tools to take ourselves as a group to the next level.

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