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I have had a great experience completing the LMA training for Cert 4 in front-line management. I really feel the tools we were given have had a big impact on how I complete my job daily and manage my staff long-term. ||My interactions with my staff and peers have become more meaningful and efficient while keeping the human connection. For me this is a massive win.||I will continue to learn and develop my leadership skills using the teachings, tools and information inside the LMA folders. I feel less stress knowing I can at any time needed jump into the right module and I will have what I need to get the job done.||I was able to implement through the workplace project, a system that has allowed me to delegate a higher level task to my staff. I have more time for my priority core duties and my staff are happier having direct control over this process, that was once a big delay for them when trying to complete preventative maintenance on plant. I feel that this project was helped along to a great degree using the tools and training from our LMA training and our facilitator Clint Vawser.

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