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I enjoyed meeting the other people in the class and hearing about the way they were going to use the new strategies they were learning.||I enjoyed learning about the different coloured hats.||I enjoyed the class with the exercise about the discovery cards.||By implementing a “to do List” each and every morning, before starting my day, I was able to stay on task the whole time. It also minimised the amount of interruption to my day, as when people were trying to talk to me or interrupt with non work related conversation, I would continue with my work as I wanted to achieve my goal of completing my list that I had set out for myself.||I was also able to identify a significant amount of tasks that I was able to delegate, and also recognise the areas that I needed to cross train in. It was evident that I had success in this area when I had a staff member on sick leave and was still able to achieve our end of month deadlines. We also had a few days where there were public holidays, but being that I had both girls trained on some of the important tasks that needed to be completed, I was able to use both of them to get the imperative tasks complete in a timely manner.

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