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The most enjoyable aspects of the course was the fact that the information really gave me a kick start to review my processes at work. The review of these processes highlighted to me what my time is worth and the projects I really need to focus on. The greates measurable result that I identified was the use of my time. I started to plan more, planning my whole month in advance and trying as hard as posssible not to deviate from this plan. This ensured I focused my time on the job at hand, completing projects properly instead of band aiding them and moving onto another project just because it popped up. |The greatest goal achieved through this course was the implementation of a pre-packed meat offer. This program helped me to develop the steps correctly, to ensure the goal was met. It also through the process highlighted that there are ather parts of our business that could adopt this policy. I.e pre-packed Deli in our western stores.

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