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I really enjoyed the interactions we had as a group in the sessions. I had a great group of guys and the little discussions we would have before each module gave me insight into other people’s issues and what they are doing to resolve them. Even though we were from completely different industries, we were all dealing with very similar issues.|The biggest learning I embraced was how to delegate. Identifying what could be delegated, and to trust the team in their abilities to perform the task. I started with delegating small tasks which lead to my team member growing and developing to a point where she has become a trainee and is conducting projects under supervision. |I have really enjoyed watching my team grow and develop and knowing that I have helped them in their development is a very satisfying feeling. Before this course I was unsure how I would go in a team leader role but I have enjoyed this course and I am keen to apply what I have learnt as my team continues to progress in their skills and development.

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