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One of the more enjoyable aspects of the course was to me pointing out sometimes of what I already knew but never spliced into thought out procedures, which the course enhanced and gave more detail to me, which I did enjoy, but the extra knowledge gained was priceless basically the deciphering of a lot of my learning during a work life of 30 plus years and very obvious corrections of my mannerisms as well|Another major improvement in me is when talking about drive or goal orientation, it is quite enhanced, actually quite immeasurably so.This has caused so much more confidence in me in all of life’s aspects in work place and social life.|The attitude adjustment that the course shows is the the correct thing to do for ones owns benefit, is not as easy as I would like for me personally, but I will endeavor to do it, as it is so beneficial to me and anyone else who does this course.|One more thing it is great to meet people of the same type as me, in similar positions in their work roles|but from totally different areas of work.

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