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The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the environment that was created by our facilitator Peter Seaton. This ensured that there was involvement from all individuals within the course. Particularly through the case studies and other group activities, we were able to learn more about each other. Everybody was motivated to achieve and always provided input and feedback.|It was great to challenge myself, like I haven’t been challenged in quite a while. And quite enjoyable to realise some of that hidden potential.|I am now so much more organised. I am goal orientated. I no longer try and take everything on myself and regularly delegate tasks to more suitable individuals.|I am constantly referring back to my HPA’s to ensure that the balance of my efforts are directed to the correct areas.|I now look to further my learning and knowledge with a greater sense of eagerness.|I have achieved the majority of my win-win goals with outstanding results.|I have a greater respect for project managers as part of the project that I completed and a great sense of achievement from the results that we were able to record.|I would like to thank all other participants in this course and I have forged great relationships with these people that I know will prove beneficial to both myself and the organisation in the future.

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