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As i run a small business all the content in this course is very relevant but incredibly overwhelming to integrate into the business over the period of the course. With incredible awareness of correct business practices came great responsibility. To integrate these learnings was to turn the business upside down and with this said there were many changes to the business and further more many more changes still to occur. As much as delegation is taught within this course, there were very few staff that delegation could occur and the few staff that tasks could be delegated there was much training and development to occur. With these changes came a great amount of time and energy|I will be spending much of 2016 to integrate the learnings and when this slowly happens there will be great excitement about the future of the business. |During the course there has been 3 staff changes. These changes occurred as a direct result of staff that admitted that they weren’t able to implement the changes that had to occur. Their replacements have embraced the new culture and the correct management practices. There remains 2-4 staff that may or may not be able to embrace the changes that must occur. |With the changes there has been considerable pain and frustration but as the changes have eventuated there has been great excitement from most of the staff about their input into the running of the business. |There will be 8-12 new things that i will be implementing into next year from each part of the business value cycle which will very much give a solid base to launch into a very strong and successful business in the future

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