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I actually liked the classroom interaction and meeting new people being the other course participants. I got a bit bored with the content toward the end and found it a bit repetitive (modules 6 & 7). I was able to attend each classroom session as this was part of the course I enjoyed the most and looked forward to be in the classroom. I felt there was much content to absorb and much assignments to complete from week to week. Sometimes I found myself rushing through the module content in order to submit the assignment on time.||Throughout the course, I definitely identified straight away that I needed to work my High Pay Off Activities versus my Low Pay Off Activities and subsequently have put systems and processes in place in the workplace to improve communication between departments. I also have been able to further develop my delegation skills and empower others. WIN-WIN goals have been achieved and the pathway to career progression has been set. Hopefully with the assistance of my Manager Mentor this will be implemented accordingly and followed through as discussed with Mentor throughout this entire course.||Outside of work, I have set and I’m still working toward some firm personal goals which revolve around interests and passions of mine.

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