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Having undertaken this course i’ve been armoured with a new set of skills that i can not only use within my current role from a business perspective but also with life skills that carry over into my personal life. For instance the art of goal setting has been extremely useful for me persoanally as i’ve achieved so many little projects that ordinarily would have been procrastonated over and never really finished. |I’ve learnt the skill of delegation and how to better engage others to ensure the team will work harmoniously towards a common goal. How to identify the stage that a team is at and methods and tools to use to further progress the teams progression always working towards increasing both productivity and quality of the overall outcomes of our work. |I’ve learnt how to better communicate with others and am still working on this “Style Flexing” thing but believe in its importance and how this can turn a situation in your favour, enabling me to strive harder towards my intended outcome. ||The course overall gave me the opportunity to undertake a project which has delivered some fairly impressive results and feedback. The actual outlay to produce this final project was what i would consider minimal, however its driven efficiencies within the team and has helped contribute towards the groups time per job to again be reduced. The actual number of jobs though has also increased, which means we’re still traeding water, however without key initiatives like this project to drive efficiencies, we would no doubt be inundated with work and our KPS’s would not look good at all.

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