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I enjoyed each workshop and found Desirae to be engaging, thought provoking. Desirae was approachable, enthusiastic and supportive when you required assistance from her.||I achieved all of my Win Win Goals, I became full time on my workplace project after being identified that it would be more benefit to have an internal representative on the project than external contractor.||I had a difficult HR meeting and discussed this with Desirae prior and appreciated her support and guidance with this matter. This meeting went better than expected and I believe after completing modules within Frontline with Desirae and the L&D team I became more confident, aware of how to handle myself in uncomfortable discussions.||I have been able to plan and prepare my daily activites better and the What’s your time worth? module within the Time Managment was great, setting my HPA’s guided the way for better planning and management of my time.||Thank you for taking me on a rewarding 12 month journey!

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