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I found the most enjoyable aspects of the Diploma were the learnings from each module consistently linked to my role and their application to achieve improvements were instant in some cases. The key areas within each module reminded me how I was not focussing on my core responsibilities to both my team and my own development and success. Focussing on my HPA’s are one of the most important areas I have worked on and already my team has turned around, are much happier, more productive and owning their performance.|In addition, the relationships I have developed within the Diploma group has turned this journey into an amazing experience and we’ve had so much fun together. Sharing challenges, wins and remembering how human we all are, has enabled me to realise how far I’ve come and that I am a good leader as my heart and passion is genuine in everything I do. Setting both personal and business goals and celebrating every milestone has increased my confidence and I am proud to be a leader who is willing to look at myself first and consider how can I do things differently.

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