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I have found the program to be an enjoyable way to learn, most enjoyable being the professional presentation of the course content, a credit to John. The convenience of the program being run on site at my workplace. Mixing with others all having a common interest ( the course ) learning from one another & working together finding answers to the tasks we are presented. Having the support of a coach and mentor when needed and through my changing habits watching transformations in my team as they grow taking on and tackling new challenges.| I have achieved multiple personal & work short term goals along with win win agreement goals. Some of the most significant to me being spending more time with my son bike riding, fishing, guiding him in the right direction etc. Ridding my house of a family of possums.Adopting software that will save my department large amounts of both personal and working time when generating job assembly documentation.| There is now more structure to my work day, my thinking has some what changed, I am more open and accepting of |change, I am more willing to let go, trust and delegate tasks that when all combined together were at times dictating my life. ||Through this course I have gained many useful tools that will assist meeting the challenge of leadership.

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