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The overall course was a big success. Some of the successes are:|Simplifying emails into 3 dot points with one sentence. |An attitude of ownership on projects. |No limitations. |Approach discipline in a positive manner, do not use emotive words and ensure appropriate tools or skills are provided before disciplinary acts are ensued. |Set reasonable targets for tasks required for team.|Respecting time of others. ||The team have responded well to better structure, clarity and honest feedback. ||In the full course review, I showed that team members now come to me about HPA’s and how they are executing them. This response and change is reflective of a team that has better understanding of how they can make an impact in their roles, and at the same time ensure that my time spent following up on projects is reduced which saves enormous amounts of time. ||As a new manager I was challenged by some team members. This course has supported me by understanding the frame work for creating disciplinary actions and being able to action these scenarios with authority to get the desired characteristic change and better outcome for the company.

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