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The development of a positive self image & having the confidence in my own ability – still a work in progress but have begun the journey in not being too hard on myself, never giving up & learning not to be too critical of others (remembering that everyone is entitled to an opinion even though it may not be to my satisfaction & in line with my own ethics)|Learning what is required & how much time is involved in preparing & implementing all projects whether they be large or small.|Have finally got off my behind & am doing something about my general health by joining the gym & changing my eating habits.|Learning to respects other peoples time & not just interrupt them with my priorities as they may not be of the same priority to them as what it is to me – the use of the NEAT planner concept which is slowly becoming more of a habit and the more I find I carry it out the less I have to think about doing it – now becoming a habit.|Realised the importance in beginning this journey of being a better leader & manager and to continue putting into practice what I have learnt rather than filing it away never to be used again – will refer back to all relevant modules & CD’s when required to refresh all learnings gained thus far.

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