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The Focus goals helped me stay on track and help break down the major goal activities.||Focus goal achievemnts – I cooked a paella for my wifes birthday, my shed was cleraed out, my Chev restoration is back on track, I’m spending more time valued with my children and wife, the monings are more organised.||From my Mid Course review I’ve managed to calculate considderable savings by reducing my LPAs and by introducing a new team member to our firm we’ve been able to quantify the cost to the company and the projected revenue ROI.||Peter touched on reasons whay people don’t succeed – F . E . A . R .|FALSE . EXPECTATIONS . APEAR . REAL|This struck a cord with me as I had a tendancy to look at the succees of others rather than my own.||I’ve been able to complete my weeks tasks in the office as well as for the course. This has been achieved by locking in time in my outlook diary making it less likely to respond to knee jerk demands.||The tips to assist with reading and speed up the process has helped me whit large documents.||Meeting and Discussion planners have been used to great advantage as well. This has been apparent when running meetings especially closing off previous items and winding up the meeting.||The continuous (spaced repetition) discribing tallats such as Public Speaking, Leaders, Managers, listeners etc. as people who are not born good Leaders, but through choice become good leaders and good leaders can become better.

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