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The clarification of different types of poeple as to how they listen and then intereprate what they hear has been the most helpful in my oppinion.|Finally achived a long term personal goal of getting my passport, this has been ongoing for 5 yrs. I still dont have anywhere to go but now i can and that in itslf is exciting.||I can measure the fact that my fingers hurt from all this typing lol.|So many goals both professionally and personally that i can treally list.||Although, one of my team members said to me the other day that without my help and training she believes she woulld not have so much knowledgein such a short period of time if it wasnt for my training and belief in her. I believe this training would have taken place any way but the LMA course has allowed me to be more effecient and effective in my training because i have applied the modules of effective listening, have been made aware of the filters that others use and MAP. My most stand out of all modules.

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