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I have really enoyed this course and in particular the interaction and support I have recieved from Mike Cameron and Brendan Jolly. This has been invaluable to me and my progress through out the year. The subject matter was very much related to my role and presented in a manner that was very easy to follow and apply. The course material and structure was very well set out and was meaningful in the current environment. I was able to apply all techniques and tools provided immediately not only within my worklife but my personal life also. It has really opened my eyes to what leadership actually is and what is important in developing and building a great team and working environment for all. I would like to take the oppurtunity to thank not only FH and LMA but in particular Mike, Brendan and Karen for the time and efforts invested in myself. It is not often that these skills and knowledge are passed on if at all and I beleive this has come at a crucial stage in my career and has totally changed my outlook to life.|I really enjoyed the reasoning and breaking down of goal setting and achieving and the importance of having goals and realizing or achieving susccess through progressive realisation of these goals.|I took particular interest in what High Pay Off activities were and how they effect not only myself, my team but the company. This was a real turning point for me in my journey. Also being able to pass this (and other lessons learnt) onto my team has been awesome. Being taught how to get the best out of people and my team has really given me a great deal of satisfaction and I love watching people grow or better themselves (even more so in a team situation). I now realize the importance of providing regular feedback and having crucial conversations along the way. The tools provided were great and I have used them all and will continue to do so.|I have really enjoyed the concept of mentoring and carrying this role out in the workplace and even more so coaching in more recent times and this is a skill I will develop further.|I like the synergies between the different subjects and being able to relate these together and realize the bigger picture.|My team has commented frequently through out the course about the changes they have noticed in me and also enjoy the changes I have implemented in the work place (all of which have had very positive feedback).|I have achieved numerous goals both work related and personal. Some of these can be seen in my FBOL. They include setting up generic TMPs for our operation, spending a lot more time in the field with the crews commnicatimg importamt information, building better relationships and understanding them, building better relationships with our clients, providing valuable input to our successful tender bid to our current contract, introducing a structured system for cost tracking and the associated benefits, creating a structured role clarity map for our department, building a deck at home and getting my health and fitness back on track (I lost 16kg). |The biggest measurable result I can identify is the change I have witnessed in myself and that has been confirmed by others. I now feel reinvigorated and refreshed with myself as a leader and focused on continuous imporvement in all aspects. I feel confident in being a leader and look forward to creating the best work environment and team possible.

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