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I felt the workshop material was presented in a way that motivated the group, provoked thought, inspired people and made for an enjoyable and informative course. ||Jennifer is able to impart information with a wealth of life experience to back it up. This was important to me in becoming engaged with the concepts being discussed as I felt she had ‘lived it’ rather than just somebody who was talking about it. The course material itself had some very useful modules, and some which were less useful to me personally. But in the whole I felt that the material was relevant and well put together.||I had a number of measurable successes throughout the course. The ones that stood out for me were:||- I was able to provide a clear strategic direction for the department|- I completed a course project that created a new quoting template which is resulting in significant improvements and efficiencies in my team|- I delivered much improved performance reviews this year|- I issued KPIs to the team for the first time|- I gave additional responsibilities to some team members and have started to delegate more work|- I have embraced a more complete attitude towards management rather than focusing on one or two areas which is what I was doing before|- I understand the strengths / weaknesses of the team better as a result of completing the team skills audit and have subsequently given each of them a training plan||On a personal note I am making progress towards getting my son to learn to swim, something that may have been procrastinated on had it not been for the encouragement of the LMA course!

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