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The site visit to one of the participates office was a stand out for me as this allowed me to associate with the participate during hearing about a number of their goals and change initiatives.||The project presentations and the talk from participates on what they got out of the course was inspiring.|I enjoyed how the course all come together and the modules all interlinked. I was able to use most of the course material in my day to day job and my team members benefited as well by being involved in a number of the tasks. Being able to outline my HPA’s and measure the ROI was very useful and beneficial in allowing me to utilise my time more effective. What my time is worth was a very useful exercise and this allowed me to focus on areas of greatest return and resulted in less stress to me and the team. Setting and achieving the focus goals, win-win goals and thinking above the line allowed me to set key measurable targets and this showed by seeing the team and I become more productive and motivated to achieve. I have learned about the art of delegation and NEAT meetings and this has allowed me to be more efficient in my job. I have improved my social and well-being as well and the wheel of life is looking much more rounded. I would recommend this course without hesitation.

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