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This course has turned me around. Coming from a manufacturing background within my company I thought I was a great sales person sitting at my desk replying to emails, answering phones and getting a few sales here and there. The course has shown me how little I knew and that sales is an art, not just a title in my email signature. |I have in myself seen a marked improvement in my commitment to the customer and now strive to get a win for all involved. Goal setting and action steps have seen me achieve things that I would have struggled to with the process.|Ross Moyle is a true inspiration and wealth of knowledge. His attitude suited my shortcomings perfectly and has made me a better person all round. Its amazing how a fellow that you see once a fortnight for 3 hours can have such an effect. But he did. A massive thanks to a great guy.|I have seen my sales increase and my attitude turn around, not just work wise but personally as well.|I could write for another hour about the quality of my experience with LMA. All I can do is recommend it highly and say THANK YOU !!!!

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