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I definitely enjoyed the interaction with fellow participants. When the class group had discussions it was always refreshing to hear other peoples points of views.|I now have a greater understanding of what my actual time is worth to the business. Knowing how valuable it is, it is a lot easier to identify the ways time can be wasted and misused.|The course really opened up my eyes up to the understanding of what HPS’s are. Also how easy it is to neglect these and get caught up in minor tasks and low pay off activities. |I am working on my ability to not always say yes to people, whether it be to solve easy problems or assist if things get hard. |Finally something that has been a major learning curve and the most success I have had is making slight adjustments in my work day, that initially I thought would not lead to any further success, but in fact had made my time more manageable, efficient and goal/task orientated.

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