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I have found that the course has improved my time management skills and recognition and goals and their priority.|Personal:|When beginning this course I had just started running and needed a personal goal, I was initially going to book in for a 2015 half marathon because the 2014 half marathon was too close in my opinion to be fit enough. Once I brought my intention up with a work colleague I was encouraged to complete the 2014 marathon. After laying down some focus goals I realised the 2014 half was achievable and by following these steps I was able to complete my first half marathon run.|Business:|Time management skills have been improved immensely through proper planning and scheduling.|Identify skills or lack of skills and appropriate measurement with one of my staff members identified some downfalls and setting a task to work on these downfalls made both parties realize that he was not interested in improving of putting the effort in. While this was not the outcome I was after, the goal helped me realize his lack of motivation sooner.|My public speaking skills have improved with confidence boosted. I was quite nervous during my presentation though I felt that my confidence had improved since doing a wedding speech.||All in all I enjoyed the relaxed but purposeful approach to learning and meeting new people. My confidence has grown socially and in business.

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