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In the work place I feel my biggest accomplishment is actually learning my HPA’s from these and setting small smart goals I feel I am a lot more efficient in my day to day activities. From delegating LPA activities to other workshop staff to simply getting my foreman to check on the other team members more (as opposed to me constantly doing it) and also one of the biggest time savers on my part is having a brief meeting with my foreman every morning to go over the days tasks and getting him to inform the team as opposed to my team members coming to see me all separately all at different times throughout the day.|All of these things may seem simple but doing this course has opened my eyes and to look at things differently.|One example and noticeable difference I have found is that in the past the workshop has always been in catch up mode with servicing and even COF checks often with COF’s being done at the last minute. Now I have the time I am spending more time on forecasting this work and getting the gear in well before COF expiries and also with servicing being more up to date rather than always overdue.

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