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The module I thought benefited me and my team the most was ‘The Art of Delegation’; this provided me with the tools to give me the right attitude towards the importance of delegation.|The course also showed me how to set realistic goals and to have belief in myself that I could achieve them.|Using the management tools I learnt during the course helped me in achieving great results with one of my focus goals. I am the team manager for my son’s footy team and I was required to set up a team register, roster system for the parents, delegate tasks on match day and manage paperwork associated with the game. I believe the course has helped me be more organised and efficient in completing my action steps for this goal. |I also enjoyed the comments I received from Clint each week, he provided me with positive feedback and encouragement to keep on improving my leadership skills for my team. By managing my team efficiently and having Scott my manager/mentors support, this allowed me to complete my assignments during working hours.

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