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Overall MHP was less intense as LMR Course as I had more confidence going into this course. I enjoyed the inclusion of the ‘Workplace Project’, I found the planning process crucial to setting my action steps, outlining the risks, benefits and savings; these all contributed to the success of my project. Setting and completing my Win Win agreement goals were very important in taking my team and my personal development to the next level. |The achievements and benefits I have gained by participating in this course is based around the importance of setting SMART goals. Getting this process right assists in making the next steps achievable. Embracing my team members and communicating innovation and sharing knowledge and information to them to develop a high performance environment has provided my team to have the right attitude towards continuous improvement. |The Return On Investment that I calculated and was agreed on was approx 11K per year from the implementation of How Now, the investment we made will continue to add to our bottom line and increase benefits as we move forward.

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