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Going into the course, my expectations were, am I managing my team properly and how do I delegate effectively without worrying the job hasn’t been done correctly. The course not only answered those two questions, it gave me a tool box of material to use to make my team so much more effective and able to produce great results. |Being a big thinker by nature, I am able to have the ‘great ideas’, however, those ideas often never became reality as I did not plan well. The win-win process has given me a template to now follow that enables me to action out the steps required to achieve the ‘great idea’. I now plan and break the process down by setting achievable milestones that are well defined with deadlines to meet. My team are also following this process and by doing so it makes our communication meeting a lot more meaningful as they are able to demonstrate exactly what has been achieved.|This course has also given me a new found confidence. Having moved into a management role without any ‘formal’ management training, I always worried that I may not be performing as a manager should. LMA has highlighted to me areas that I was doing really well in, which has boosted my confidence and it has given me direction and suggestion on areas that I can improve. I now feel like I am successful in my role.|I have taken away so many suggestions and tools that I feel will be very useful in the future.

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