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J V HOLT & CO NSW TPE Paul Brocklehurst

The most enjoyable aspects of the course was learning the importance of setting goals, documenting, prioritising daily and weekly activities and gaining the skills to do so. I have developed my time-management in prioritising HPAs and imperative tasks. I feel that my ability to delegate has increased and my communication skills with workers has developed, establishing better relationships with them. The setting of SMART goals saw me measure their progress throughout the course with the final measurement seeing the achievement of the goal – definitely a feeling of personal accomplishment. |||The goals I accomplished are: |1. Implemented the use of imperative and important cards|2. Implemented the use of the discussion planner|3. Trained workers to size and draw switchboard labels|4. Trained apprentices to size and calculate circuit breaker sizes|5. Allocated set time to non HPAs|6. Bought A Fitbit to measure my personal goals |7. Planned Mother’s Day Picnic|8. Bought a new dust extractor for the cut-off saw|9. Planned my holiday’s for the Christmas period|10. Installed new lighting in the modular switchboard section and work shop area|11. Completed my new workshop design and layout (Business SMART goal)|12. Completed my personal SMART goal to exercise 3 times a week

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