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There where lots of milestones in such a complete course, over the 9 months.|I have developed in confidence and am better equipped to communicate then I was before. I thought that I was a strong verbal communicator but the course highlighted weaknesses. As a consequence I am on a path to improve even more as I accept the opportunities to coach one on one and present project related updates and drive meetings with my peers and the management team.|My time management has improved, I am now so very aware of how disruptions and other peoples agendas can derail my planning if I let the noise in.|I also feel that this course has tied together many of the tools that I had learning or picked up previously but not actually implemented into my life. It is so easy to do a course or read a book and intellectualize the knowledge without actually changing. The repetition and ongoing reinforcement in the structure of the teachings in the course, until they become normal every day practice is what made the Challenge of Leadership a winner for me.

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