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Is having the opportunity to studying with different people in different industries. Its great to see what challenges other sales managers face, and great to be able to share experiences and exploring options together to provide solutions. Plus having the opportuntiy to do this course with a colleague has being a good opprotunity go through the tools as a team and discuss outcomes.||Our facilitator Michael Laing was fantastic. Michael ticked all the boxes as a facilitator. ||Having clear direction now working on HPA’s. Its saved me at least an hour a day which has been helpful. Previously my plan has always been, “be everything to everyone” all the while not filling the needs and gaps of the customers that made my world go round. Today i dont have that problem. ||Setting goals has helped me alot in both my professional and personal life. Working with goal planners is the way to go with me moving forward. It makes my goal attainable by having processes. eg: final target dates and SMART goal definitions, looking at benefits of achieving it. looking at obstacles and the solutions to those obstacles. Putting specific action steps in place to getting it done.||Goals i achieved personally was:| – Getting my motorbikes licence| – Start a saving plan.| – quality family time. | – exercising | |Professionally:|| – Keep on my HPA’s… Clear direction with keeping the LPA’s in check| – Presenting in front of an unknown audience| – Presenting sales plans| – Not fearing objections anymore. Not seeing objections as a personal attack.| just to name a few. | |Thank you!

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