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L M A Was life changing for me.What I got out of this course was unmeasurable and it has affected my whole life. I am now not waking up at four o’clock every morning with a look of horror on my face wondering how I am going to fit everything into my day. This course is taught me how to lead a more regimented and organised life extending into my personal life as well as work. When I first started off the course I found the assignments extremely challenging but as I became more confident I enjoyed the challenges that were presented in front of me more and more. I really enjoyed the interaction with my classmates reviewing assignments together and was able to learn from them as well. I was able to cut my paperwork down by 50% successfully run meetings and reduce the amount of e-mails and telephone calls I was dealing with on a daily basis but these are just some of the things I learnt from this course as the list goes on.

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