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The greatest achievement for me, is a better understanding of “me”! I’ve been given tools that allow me to look at my work practices and habits of the past. Therefore I am much better at being objective in the application of the various tools that are provided to us during the course and I’m much more willing to try out new ways of achieving my goals. ||I thoroughly enjoyed the input from my colleagues who attended the course and am going to miss them … A LOT! We only had a small group of 5 attendees, maybe a 6th attendee would have been good too but I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much if there were more than 6.||I have identified KPI’s, ways to save time, feel more comfortable in delegating tasks to others and (overall) feel less like a “fish out of water” – I have a greater confidence in my managerial skills and I no longer feel that I have to work towards ‘perfection’. My continued development and the development of my team is where my true focus now lies

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