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KOUSTAS & CO VIC TPE Aleks Nawrocki

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the course was the different content that was being addressed and discussed. Most courses that I have gone to in the past have been quite technical and specific. I have found the LMA course one that I can apply skills across all aspects of my career. Going through the course has made me realise how much my team look up to me for leadership and the fact that I was neglecting this at times. |I have been able to achieve a number of my goals – one in particular being the presentation of proposals of new work to existing clients, and gaining their acceptance for me to do the work. This has been extremely important for me, as I have been able to think outside the square and look at all aspects of their business, not just their financials. It has also earned me more trust and respect from my clients, as they have seen that I am not just there to do the work they want, but I am also throwing ideas at them for their improvement.

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