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For me the most enjoyable part of the course were the fortnightly workshops. I appreciated the use of activities such as the ‘six thinking hats’ and the ‘personality cards’ as learning tools. I enjoyed the discussions that took place within our group and it was fascinated to hear the experiences of individuals from very diverse working environments.||The most tangible achievement for me after completing this course has been a change of mindset. Before I began the course I did not really think of myself as a leader or have any real concept of what a leader actually was. I now think of myself not just as a team leader but as a member of a developing team.||The concept of goal setting is something that will stay with me both in my personal and professional life.||Completing my win/win goals was satisifying with the greatest satisfaction coming from the goal of developing my team. I feel I have started both my team members on a journey of professional development that will hae an ongoing effect in their lives.||Whilst I kept my personal goals fairly simple, the greatest acheivement for me was in setting them in the first place. For the past 20 years, (since becoming a mother), I have had a policy of putting myself last. Setting focus goals really interrupted this mindset. More specifically I am now spending time on my writing -something I love that I ahe shamefully neglected. By putting aside even small amounts of time to spend on this, it has now become a regular part of my life again.

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