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As a sales branch position for the whole financial year exceeded last years by 14% and my sales were 8% over sales plan. My top 30 customers had combined sales of $2.9 Million and that represented a $1.35 million dollar increase on last year.||I have increased the volume of growth products sales 150% of my target. I have completed this goal and this made a huge benefit to me and the organisation. For myself it showed emphasis on what I was good at within the company and that was sell the products that they believed had the greatest potential for sales increase in the market place. As this group of products was placed into a HPA category by myself, it made it easier to focus on improving the selling techniques I used to sell these products. My target was $337,000,actual sales were $862,000. That represents target exceeded by $525,000. ||The best thing about this course so far is the main reason I wanted to do this course and that was to improve my time management skills. The focus this course helps me place on HPA’s has changed the way I do my sales day and week. I used to leave the harder things to later in the week or keep putting them off and say that I’ll do them tomorrow. But working through the course it has helped me think and focus on other forms of HPA’s like focusing on specification to use our products, or going directly to the construction company to win the work instead of waiting for them to come to me to use our products or service. To me a HPA has evolved in its original meaning to me and has now got me constantly thinking on what I can do to get the most effective bang for my time allocation in sales||As an attitudinal & behavioural change noticed by myself I can see that I have placed more emphasis on completing the HPA’s first in my weekly or daily plan. Whether it be getting hard quotes completed early or difficult orders, because they are the HPA it makes me focus on getting it done so I can win the benefits whether it is completing the sale or reaffirming a potential future sale. As my manager can see the value of my time now, he can understand the amount of time I allocate to HPA’s and helps assist when he feels I need the help. I have set customers to look after and so does he, but when I am focusing heavily on a HPA he works with me to help look after some of my customer’s requests for me so I don’t get held up in dealing with a less important issue.

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