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Discovering and re-discovering current management principles and concepts, particularly given the new age thinking of understanding and handling people. Discussing issues with the other participants and learning from their experiences has helped me to pass on advice and examples to my participants that I am coaching, which contributes to the understanding of the material.||The most obvious and important aspect of doing this course is that I now have first hand knowledge of the course material and LMA processes etc. to be able to offer best practice ‘Coaching’ to my participants.||In terms of my results with my W/W goals, I am now better organised, plan better and able to think through problems and issues better by using the Problem Solver and Decision Making templates.||I now use more frequently the big ‘W’ questions and listen more carefully to people’s responses. Using open questions and asking “Tell me about it” has definitely contributed to better, more honest discussions.||The Time Management goal has helped me be more organised and aware of what needs to be achieved. The other goals centred around introducing new systems and processes to improve the capture and flow of information both internally and externally to our clients and other general contacts has improved communication. ||The adaptation of an electronic Newsletter will help maintain an awareness and presence with our clients in providing pertinent information which ultimately will result in new sales of training courses.||Simply the process of identifying and setting goals forces you to action the tasks necessary to achieve the desired outcomes, which otherwise many not necessarily happen. I believe I am more goal oriented with major projects.

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