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LOSCAM VIC COL Amanda Paydon

My workplace project was very successful, by using the template to plan, implement and review the progress. The workplace project gave me structure and ensured that I followed action steps to achieve the outcome. This was a great tool that I will be able to use again for any significant projects in the future. In the past projects were started and never had action steps so they were never completed within the required time or in a structured way. LMA has assisted in the success of this project and also for future projects. |The course has also assisted me with becoming a successful leader and mentor to my team. It has given me so many tools (feedback logs, how to motivate my team through innovation, time management, delegation, problem solving, training and development plan and continuos improvement). These are skills that are eventually learnt, however LMA has given me the information and resources to do this. |I also now set goals, short (focus) and long term. This was never something I had done before and LMA has given me the templates to set smart goals and achieve them.

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