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I feel so much more in control of my life in general. When I joined the course I felt like to was floundering in both my personal and worklife. I had many dreams that never when anywhere or if I did make goals, I never stuck to them. |i turned 50 last year and am feeling fitter and happier than I have ever been. |I had dreamed of feeling better and working on my fitness for a long time. As a result of really looking at this dream, I finally turned it into a win win goal and have gradually worked through the steps. I now have some goals that I never thought would be possible. I’d always dreamed of running in a fun run – I have turned this into a goal and am planning to run with my kids in the fun run on Mother’s day. I am walking every day and gradually increasing the intensity and have developed a plan to learn to run. |Since really committing to my fitness goal, I have found that the flow on effect has meant that I am less tired, less foggy and more disciplined in all aspects of my life including my work life. Whilst a personal goal may not have been the ideal focus of a workplace course, the result has been that I am becoming an more productive and disciplined employee every day.

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