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I think this course highlighted the importance of sales 101, we tend to forget or get lazy on the basics and underestimate the value these key things bring to the sales process. |For me the key learning was also related to my key win/win goal and that was to improve my overall planning of sales meetings and the complete sales process, so the content of the course channeled to this perfectly. The other would be personal development, so much emphasis is put on developing customers and prospects and you think that your personal development will “just happen” as you progress, however having the knowledge and the tools to set goals and drive towards personal development will now help to improve my focus on career goals.|Some goals were accomplished and some had to be amended half way through due to a position change, however they are still active and need more time to achieve the level expected, my key goal of “better planning” is now complete to the level I originally wanted to achieve but I will continue to develop this as I believe I can still reach a higher level. |I now have a better knowledge of some of my key customers due to carrying out customer analysis and “really” understanding their business, in the past I “thought” I understood them and knew all there was to know

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