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Being able to implement what I was learning straight back into the workplace was the highlight of the way the course works and very beneficial to my team, myself and the organisation. The workshops were enjoyable due to the fact that our Facilitator was positive and encouraging and the other course members were great to learn with. FBOL works very well and was also enjoyable to use. It complemented the learning material, workshops and assignments. It is very easy to navigate around and a useful tool for communicating with others involved in the course, including my Mentor. |A major goal I was able to achieve was a personal one and that was giving up smoking. Initially it was a short term focus goal but it has now continued on for 4 months. Setting a goal with action steps was the only way of achieving this. I had smoked for 30 years.|Learning new skills and using the tools made available to me has helped me to build relationships with the individuals in my team. The success of this has been measured by the positive and motivated nature of our area which was not their before. My team members seem more enthusiastic and driven to achieve goals together and improve their own abilities for their own development. I am sure this is mainly due to what I have learnt during this course and what I have been able to put into practice – Coaching, Supporting and Training. Clearer processes and procedures encouraged throughout the course has also benefited our area and has been measured by a more efficient department with less confusion to all involved. Positive feedback from external departments and peers has also been a measurement of our success.

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