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There is so much I have taken away from completing this course that I am thankful for. I’ve actually just re-read my “Profiles Performance Indicator Report” and while reading it I was thinking of what tools or information that I have learnt during the course, that I could use to improve my effectiveness.||Reflecting back to when I was running a team, I now realise I could have done so much more to improve the way it was run and the way I managed team members. Eventhough I was already doing some of the things that were mentioned in the course, in a round about way, the course has given me so much direction and a structured way of managing a team and members. By adding some simple things like performance wheels, meeting planners, keeping personnel files, continues constructive feedback, gap resolutions, creating processes to give you the slight edge, feedback logs and so on will aid in improving the team I manage and improve my skills as a leader.||To be total honest I knew I needed to improve my communication skills and I believe that I am heading in the right direction thanks to some of the skills and workplace tools I have received from the course. I’m finding the way I communicate, again is more structured/thought out/planed which I’m finding is helping a lot when I am explaining things to employees, the business, customers and even at home. I have also tested some of the coaching technics on a couple employees which I think was a vast improvement to the way I used to perform them.||I was never one to set goals and this course has taught me how important it is at work and at home to do so. Simply setting up a plan of action and most importantly, a completion date has so much power in achieving them. I will certainly be continuing this practice and as a matter of fact I am finding myself doing this already without even thinking twice about it.||Also thanks again for putting me onto the Harry Chapin song, very powerful song.

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