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I enjoyed having the mixture of people from the different departments in our team. We worked together as a team when required and everyone had their equal part in the team. Each team member was able to bring their own experiences and knowledge to the table so that we combined to come up with a common goal.|I accomplished a number of personal goals as well as focus goals..I really enjoyed the course facilitator who brought humour into our day whilst assisting us in the skills for leadership.|I have learned not to assume anything from my team and have opened my ears and shut my mouth and it is amazing the quality of the information I am getting.|I am also learning that I don’t have to do everything and that I can delegate and not look over someones shoulder to see if it meets my standards. I have let people feel empowered to do the task I have requested and am available for assistance if needed. This has been the hardest thing for me to do but I am improving Bill.

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