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The most noticeable difference personally is the nagging ‘I should make this a win win goal”! You win – I see the value in it and appreciate the power of the concept both at work and at home. ||My life is about to change direction again for a number of varying reasons and this philosophy will become pivotal because it fits my needs by giving me direction and focus, something I will benefit from immensely.||My project concentrated on the new CMMS and teaching ourselves the best way to use it and develop it. We made mistakes along the way and we were misdirected for some of the time, but the final outcome has made us all that much better for the experience. It was a good and valid choice which laid the foundations for the learning’s gained from the LMA package.||As for my personal goals – varying degrees of success. My exercise plan did work and yes it had a profound effect on my blood sugar levels. However my wife had recent surgery to replace both knees, a huge undertaking, and this stopped my exercise regime while I concentrated on looking after her. I will get back into again when my wife is in a more comfortable place ‘metaphorically speaking and physically’ so all is not lost.||This LMA journey was one of life’s challenges in every sense of the word. It could not have come at a more stressful time. As we worked through the information in these books it felt like it was everything we were experiencing written before our eyes. This industry may or may not survive, it is without doubt in a very sharp decline. The challenges are indeed very real but you just get the feeling we can arrest this decline and maybe LMA is where it starts – we will be very different in years to come it will be interesting to see where we end up!

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