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When we were told that we were going to be undertaking a Cert IV in Frontline Management, I was expecting module after module of textbook questions with textbook answers. I was wrong.||Through the duration of the course I have learned so much about myself and the team, it’s hard to find a point to begin. There are some benefits that we can put a dollar value on, such as time we are saving on certain tasks, and efficiency in other areas; however the greatest success I have found is that of a mutual respect and understanding of and from my team.||I am new to managerial duties, and this course came just at the right time for me. I have developed a tight relationship with the printers (who I usually only hear over the radio) and we now understand how we impact each other. We communicate between departments effectively now, and feedback isn’t seen as an insult anymore; it’s an opportunity for improvement.||The morale of the whole site has changed dramatically over the past months since we’ve started learning with each other. The open forum type class setting was a great idea to get people talking, rather than just listening to someone stand at the front and talk. Bringing people who wouldn’t usually have much to do with each other together provided opportunies to bounce ideas off each other, and think of things in different ways.||Overall, I have enjoyed the course as a whole. Any stress was because of my reluctancy to let go of tasks and block in time to work on important things. For anyone about to under go the course, my advice is this; ||Put the time in at the start, and you will see the results almost instantly. You can say “I don’t have time!” until you are blue in the face, and it will get you nowhere. You do have time, you just have to find it, and that’s what this course has (after 17 modules) has finally taught me.||Thank you to all who were involved, and a special thank you to Carlo.

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